NIEPA School Leadership Course 8 Consolidation and drawing School Development Plan

Course 8

Consolidation and drawing School Development Plan


This course would help the learners consolidate their learnings from previous courses, relate them with their school context and reflect on how to use it for improving their own schools. This course would also enable the school heads to develop a concrete and realistic school development plan for their school transformation. The last unit is designed to encourage the school heads on identifying peers/fellow school heads as a valuable resource and seeking their experiences in finding solutions or designing strategies to school related challenges, thereby developing a culture of peer learning and sowing seeds for forming Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of this course you will be able to :

  1. Reflect on the daily learning from different courses
  2. Draw implications for their school context and reality
  3. Draw a School Development Plan
  4. Learn from the practices of other school heads and develop Professional Learning Communities.

Units :

  1. Consolidation of Learning and Reflection
  2. Drawing School Development Plan
  3. Forming Professional Learning Community

Duration: 3 Hours

Mode of Practice and Assessment:Individual Reflection and Multiple Choice Questions

Course Teacher :Prof. Rashmi Diwan


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